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The Ultimate Guide to Giving Cool Groomsmen Gifts (with 17 Gift Ideas)

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Post updated on 11/9/23

It’s a common question with an easy answer. Should you buy your groomsmen gifts? They’ve been with you every step of the way — through good times and bad. Now, they’re ready to stand beside you on your wedding day. Your groomsmen and best man will be renting tuxes and suits, planning your bachelor party, making toasts, and helping out on the big day. It’s customary (and necessary) to thank them with cool gifts as a token of your appreciation. The following is a detailed guide that covers the ins and outs of groomsmen gift shopping and groomsmen gift etiquette.

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Blue and green personal cooler bags for groomsmen

The personalized PRE-GAMER cooler for groomsmen is available in blue and green.

What Makes a Good Groomsmen Gift?

Being an all-star groom means doing it up the right way when it comes time to thanking your best man, groomsmen, and ushers. Sure, you could get them the standard watch or cuff link set, but we can do better than that. This year’s best groomsmen gift ideas involve doing a little research on each member of the wedding party and discovering the gifts that are perfectly suited for each guy.

Choosing the same gift for everyone in your wedding party might seem like the easiest solution. However, a one-size-fits-all approach might not work well for everyone. There’s no rule that says every groomsman should receive the same gift (unless, of course, they all have a shared interest).

We strongly encourage you to choose different gifts based on their individual personalities and interests. The best advice we can give you is to think of each member of the wedding party as if they were the only one standing by you on your big day. Not all of your friends and family members have the same tastes — so why try to buy them all the same type gift? To narrow the scope of your gift options, first consider settling on a price range and then buying something tailored to each guy.

For example, you could consider an engraved decanter set for your whiskey-drinking best man, a custom BBQ set for your grillmaster brother-in-law, or personalized coolers for the weekend warriors. Here are some other ideas to get you started:

Classic Groomsmen Gift Ideas

You can never go wrong with classic gifts. These are the gifts that will never go out of style no matter the year. They’re the accessories that every guy needs at least one of, so don’t overthink it!

The best engraved beer horn for your groomsmen will hold 16oz

Cool Groomsmen Gifts You Can Cheers to

Raise your glass to friendship with these gift ideas that are worth a “cheers.” You’ve shared hilarious memories and big moments with your groomsmen and best man over the years. With these gifts, they’ll have a custom memento to honor brotherhood with every time they pour a drink.

  • Personalized beer mugs or flasks
  • Engraved decanters
  • Shot glass set
  • Unique bottle opener
  • Give each groomsman/usher a bottle of their favorite liquor
  • Custom bar signs

Gifts for Lovers of Sports or the Great Outdoors

Did you meet your best man on the intramural court or fishing trip? Are your groomsmen alongside you each weekend cheering on your favorite football team? It’s no secret that guys bond over their love of sports and the outdoors. These sporty gifts ideas reflect that bond.

  • Golf equipment
  • Fishing gear
  • Camping equipment
  • Game tickets
  • Gifts featuring logos of their favorite NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL or NBA team.
  • Custom baseball bat

groomsmen all wearing lebron james jerseys as the groom imitates lebron's pre-game ritual

Style Accessories the Fellas Can Wear on the Wedding Day

We want the groom crew to look good and feel good on the wedding day. With these gifts, style won’t be an issue.

  • Sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Cufflinks and tie clips
  • Ties to wear on the wedding day
  • Dress shoes
  • Pay for the guys’ suit and tuxedo rentals

Organize a Group Outing

There’s no golden rule that says you have to hand out physical gifts to the guys. One of the coolest growing wedding trends is grooms gifting an experience to their wedding party. This is a great opportunity to create amazing memories with the guys that will last a lifetime.

  • Casino night
  • Camping or fishing excursion
  • Sporting event
  • Concert
  • Golfing

groomsmen golfing in their new socks

If you’re still stuck with nothing, you can check out our list of the best groomsmen gifts in 2024 — or turn to sites like Pinterest and Etsy for ideas. No matter what type of gift you choose, the name of the game is to find a gift that will make your groomsmen feel appreciated (and help ease the pain of travel and suit rental).

Lastly, consider including a handwritten thank you card along with your gifts. Words can often mean more than a physical item and the guys will love knowing how much you appreciate their friendship and support throughout the wedding planning process.

groomsmen wearing matching suspenders behind the groom who is front and center

How Much Should You Spend on Your Groomsmen Gifts?

Groomsmen gifts are a meaningful way to thank your wedding party members for taking part in the big day. These gift serve as mementos and a sign of appreciation for your family, friends and other special members of the wedding entourage. However, finding gifts that strike the right balance between thoughtfulness and budget can be challenging. With 15+ years of experience in the groomsmen gift market, we’re uniquely qualified to help break down groomsmen gift budgeting and how to find gifts that will be loved but also fit within your budget.

How Much Do Brides and Grooms Typically Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Using our groomsmen gift sales data from 2019-2024, the average amount spent on each groomsman is $63.

Understand Your Budget

Every couple is different. How much you decide to spend on your groomsmen gifts is up to your individual wedding budget and what you’re comfortable with. Once the planning has begun, sit down and set a realistic budget. Think about what you’re spending on the wedding overall and also how big your wedding party will be. If you’re having a larger wedding party, you’ll have to choose between spending more overall or giving less costly gifts. Once you’ve nailed down these details, it will be easier to make an informed decision on how much you’ll be spending on these tokens of appreciation.

Consider Your Groomsmen’s Effort

While the average cost of a groomsman gift is $63, you should consider spending if your groomsmen have:

  • Traveled a long distance to attend your wedding.
  • Helped plan a bachelor party, wedding shower or pre-wedding gathering.
  • Purchased their own suit or tux for the occasion.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that no two groomsmen are exactly the same. Each obviously holds a special place in your life (otherwise they wouldn’t be in the wedding party)! This begs the question why would you give them all the same, generic gift? When selecting gifts, consider your shared memories, inside jokes and hobbies. Whether they are sports fans, techies, whiskey lovers or travelers, choosing gifts that fit their specific lifestyle shows just how much you care.

Set a Realistic Spending Range

Determining a spending range for groomsmen gifts can help guide your decision-making process. Keep in mind that this range can vary based on factors such as your overall wedding budget, personal financial situation, and the number of groomsmen. Here are a few suggested budget categories to help you get started:

Low Budget Groomsmen Gifts: Under $50

  • Customized bottle openers
  • Engraved barware, beer mugs or whiskey glasses
  • Personalized cufflinks

Moderate Budget Groomsmen Gifts: $50-$100

  • Leather wallets and money clips
  • Custom personal coolers
  • Personal travel bags

High Budget Groomsmen Gifts: $100+

  • Engraved watches
  • Bottle of fine whiskey or wine
  • Guys outing or tickets to a sporting event

Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions. You should tailor the product categories and spending budget based on your preferences and financial situation.

Focus on Thoughtfulness and Quality

Even if you’re working with a smaller budget, remember that the value of a good groomsman gift is not solely determined by the price tag. Focusing on thoughtfulness will ultimately be more fulfilling and mean more to the recipients.

In addition to the physical gift, consider adding personalized messages or sentimental touches to make the gifts even more special. Just like in the business world, handwritten notes can leave a lasting impression.

Some Final Groomsmen Gift Budget Tips

Keep these additional tips in mind to make the most of your budget

  • Keep an eye out for sales, discounts, or seasonal promotions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. If you’re shopping online, some websites may offer bulk discounts if you purchase for your entire wedding party at once. It never hurts to ask for a promo code before clicking “Buy Now.”
  • Research  gift ideas and purchase early to avoid paying rush fees or overspending due to stress.
  • Remember that you don’t have to spend your entire budget on a single gift for each groomsman. Consider splitting the budget and buying multiple items or gift sets. Quality and quantity will give you the best of both worlds!

Choosing groomsmen gifts is an essential part of the groom’s wedding planning process. The fellas will truly appreciate your gratitude and appreciation. By setting a budget and sticking to it, you can be both responsible and generous. Remember, it’s the thought behind the gifts that truly matter. Now it’s your turn! Share your own experiences of groomsmen gift budgeting in the comment section below.

When Do You Order Groomsmen Gifts?

Planning a wedding is a busy and time consuming process with plenty of tasks on the to-do list. One of those tasks is purchasing gifts for your groomsmen. Sure, in the big picture this is one of the smaller wedding planning tasks. However, because of this, it’s easy for grooms to wait until the last minute to start researching. In this guide, we’ll discuss the optimal timeline for ordering groomsmen gifts, share purchasing tips and highlight some unique gift ideas that your best men will love!

Start Early, Stand Out

When it comes to buying groomsmen gifts, timing is key. By starting early in your wedding planning process, you’ll limit stress and give yourself time to find the perfect gifts that the guys will love (and actually use). Grooms that are scrambling at the last minute often settle for less than desirable gifts because their options become limited. Start early and you’ll have ample time to find and order creative and unique items that carry a special sentiment.

Consider Personalization

Thanking your wedding party with unique gifts is the perfect way to show appreciation. Some grooms will opt to personalize their gifts to go even further in creating a long-lasting memory. Personalizing adds a special touch and demonstrates your gratitude to the close friends or family members standing next to you on the wedding day. However, engraving or embroidering gifts will often require extra time, so ordering in advance is crucial to avoiding extra shipping or rush fees.

Budget and Research

Determining a budget for your groomsmen gifts early on helps streamline the selection process. Research various gift options that align with your budget and the preferences of your groomsmen. Exploring a wide range of choices ensures you find something unique, meaningful, and reflective of their personalities.

Purchase 2-3 Months Prior

Groomsmen gifts should be ordered two-three months before the wedding. This timeline allows ample time for personalization, shipment and any exchanges/returns. And most importantly, leaving yourself this amount of time will reduce stress and allows you to focus on other important tasks as the wedding day approaches.

Assess Production and Delivery Times

When selecting your groomsmen gifts, pay attention to production and delivery times (especially if you’re customizing). Certain items will have longer lead times based or limited availability. Factor in these durations when finalizing your order to ensure the gifts arrive in time to present at the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner or other appropriate time.

If You’ve Waited Until the Last Minute…

With all of the above being said, we get it. Wedding planning is a beast and takes up so  much of your valuable time. If you find yourself in a pickle, don’t be too hard on yourself. We offer a great selection of last-minute groomsmen gifts that the fellas will love.

By following a well-thought-out timeline, considering personalization, and exploring unique gift ideas, you can ensure your gifts are both meaningful and unforgettable. Remember, starting early and being organized will allow you to focus on other aspects of wedding planning, ultimately making your special day an extraordinary celebration for everyone involved.

Order Groomsmen Gifts Today!

When Do You Give Out Groomsmen Gifts?

As a groom, one of the best ways to express your gratitude to your closest friends and family members is by presenting them with thoughtful groomsmen gifts. While the act of giving is significant, the timing of when to present these tokens of appreciation can enhance the overall impact. In this article, we’ll delve into the various key moments during the wedding journey and help you determine the optimal time to distribute your groomsmen gifts.

Pre-Wedding Gesture

Before the big day, consider a pre-wedding gathering or rehearsal dinner to kickstart the celebration. This intimate event serves as an excellent opportunity to thank your groomsmen for their support and commitment. Presenting the gifts during this gathering sets the tone for the wedding festivities and allows for a heartfelt expression of appreciation.

Bachelor Party

If you plan on presenting bar or drinking-themed gifts to your groomsmen, one of the best times to hand them out is at the bachelor party. This way, they can start getting use out of them immediately while the entire group is having fun. Not only that, this sets a great mood for the rest of the evening.

Pre-Ceremony Exchange

Consider arranging a special pre-ceremony exchange with your groomsmen. Choose a serene location away from the bustling wedding preparations, like a courtyard or a quiet corner of the venue. Take a few moments to personally hand over the gifts to your groomsmen, expressing your heartfelt thanks and acknowledging their presence on this momentous day. This intimate exchange creates an emotional connection and allows for a more personal interaction with each groomsman. This is an especially appropriate time to hand out gifts if you’re presenting your groomsmen with an accessory they can wear during the wedding itself (like cufflinks or a tie clip).

During the Reception

Why not surprise your groomsmen during the reception? This option provides a unique twist and ensures that your gesture stands out. Plan a coordinated moment, perhaps during a speech or toast, to publicly express your appreciation and present the gifts. The element of surprise combined with the celebratory atmosphere will make this a memorable and cherished experience for both you and your groomsmen.

Post-Wedding Celebration

If you’d like to extend the gratitude beyond the wedding day, consider organizing a post-wedding celebration. This can take the form of a casual get-together or a more elaborate event, such as a barbecue or a game night. Presenting the groomsmen gifts during this gathering allows you to spend quality time with your closest friends, reminiscing about the wedding and expressing your thanks in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Selecting the right time to give out groomsmen gifts can significantly enhance their impact, ensuring your heartfelt appreciation is received with joy and gratitude. Whether you choose to surprise your groomsmen during a pre-wedding event, the morning of the wedding, a private exchange before the ceremony, or even during the reception, each moment carries its unique charm. Consider your personal preferences, the wedding timeline, and the dynamics of your relationships to determine the best time for your groomsmen gift presentation. Remember, it’s the thought and effort behind the gesture that truly make these gifts special.

One last thing to keep in mind is if your groomsmen will be traveling via air to attend your wedding. If so, they may have limited space to take their gift home, especially if the gift is bulky or fragile.

In these instances, we recommend shipping gifts to each groomsman individually.

groomsmen posing with their new personalized cufflinks

Top Tips for Personalizing Your Groomsmen Gifts

Personalizing a gift with a name, initial(s), or custom message is a great way to create a memorable gift that will be cherished forever. If you’re worried about making a mistake, remember these tips:

Don’t Forget to Proofread Your Personalization

Adding a name, initials or monogram to a groomsman gift is a great way to make it extra special, as long as you spell the person’s name correctly or use the correct initial order.

Of course, you’re human, mistakes and typos happen. But because personalized gifts usually can’t be returned, take a few extra minutes to confirm the spelling of all the names in your wedding party beforehand.

If you’re ordering online, check all of the personalization or custom text on your gifts, and then check them once again, before you hit “submit” to minimize errors. It’s never a bad idea to have another person (such as your fiancée) take a peek as well before you place an order.

Know the Difference Between Spelling it Groomsmen and Groomsman

Confused about how to spell groomsman? Use groomsman with an ‘a’ when you’re referring to a singular guy. Use groomsmen with an ‘e’ when you’re referring to the group of guys. It’s that simple, folks!

Know the Difference Between Standard Initials and a Monogram

Another common mistake grooms make is confusing initials and monograms. Here’s a quick cheat sheet on the difference between the two.


If you want to add standard initials to a gift, use this order: the person’s first name initial, middle name initial and then last name initial.


For a monogram, use this order: the person’s first name initial, last name initial and then middle name initial.

Note that with monograms, the last name initial typically appears larger than the first and middle name initials that surround it. For example, with the name Travis Michael Kelce, the standard initials are TMK and the monogram is TKM.

Married Monogram

On the flip side, if you’re ordering a gift for a couple there is something called a married monogram. In this case, the last name initial in the middle will also appear larger, and the order would be: the bride’s first name initial, the couple’s married last name initial, and the groom’s first name initial.

For example, the married monogram for Anne Marie Smith and David Benjamin Jones would be AJD, using Jones as the married last name. Same-sex couples often use a two-initial monogram comprised of either the first initials of each person’s last name or the first initials of each of their first names.

Personalize With Long-Lasting Sentiment

You want to ensure that your groomsmen will use their gifts well after the wedding day. Personalize the gift with the recipient’s name, initials or monogram, instead of your own.

While it might seem like a good idea to add the married couple’s names or wedding date to your gift, the recipient will be more likely to use it again if it has their own name on it. The exception to the rule: For gifts the married couple wants to purchase for their parents or themselves, adding the couple’s names, monogram or wedding date makes it a great keepsake of the big day.

Does the Groom Give Out Groomsmen Proposal Gifts?

One trend growing in popularity in recent years is grooms getting creative with planning their best man and groomsmen proposals. It’s a fun way to ask your best man and groomsmen to serve in the wedding party — and often includes a “proposal gift”. This gesture is optional and is not a replacement for the groomsmen gifts that will be given closer to the wedding. If you feel inclined, check out this handy guide on how to pop the question (again).

Who Else Does the Groom Buy Gifts For?

It’s easy to remember to get a gift for the best man and each of your groomsmen, but don’t forget about the ancillary members of the wedding party (and any other people that will be a big part of your special day). Here’s who else you should consider buying gifts for:

  • Ushers
  • Ring Bearer
  • Father of the Groom
  • Father of the Bride
  • Officiant

Top 17 Cool Groomsmen Gifts

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about groomsmen gift-giving etiquette, how about some actual cool groomsmen gift ideas that you can get the guys. Check out our list of 17 cool groomsmen gifts for 2024.

Groomsmen beer koozies available in 17 colors

1. Eye of the Beerholder – Keep their beers cold and their hands dry

Beers don’t taste great when they’re warm. Go figure. Do your groomsmen a favor with a gift that not only keeps their drink ice cold, but also looks awesome. Eye of the Beerholder is available in 17 colors and is constructed of double walled stainless steel. We’re talking the real deal here. These koozies feature screw-top lids to secure your can or bottle and not have it rattle around. Add personalization for no extra cost.

2. Custom Ammo Can – Choose from 8 Manly Designs

Have any hunters, outdoorsmen or patriotic guys in your wedding party? These .50 cal ammo boxes are as authentic as they come (actually sourced from military surplus). It’s a unique gift that can be given on its own or filled with other goodies to create a gift basket that the guys will

custom whiskey barrel


3. Personalized Mini Bourbon Barrel – Create your own bourbon blend at home

Your groomsmen can create and age their own whiskey blends in these personalized mini bourbon barrels. Detailed instructions will guide them through the process – from curing to filling to aging. The best part is that while they’re waiting for their whiskey to age, the stylish barrel will look great displayed on the mantel.


4. Pre-Gamer Cooler – Perfect for throwing back a cold one with the fellas before the wedding

For the guys who love to look fresh while getting refreshed, this personalized beer cooler is perfect because it is stylish and functional. It fits 6 bottles or 12 cans (with ice) perfectly and can be personalized for free. Whether your groomsman is dressed business casual for a special event or is booted up to go camping, this cooler is flexible to fit both looks.

Personalized Gunmetal Gray Pocket Watch with Exposed Gears

5. Exposed Gears Pocket Watch – Get the boys to the church on time

For the more classic groomsman, he’ll appreciate the elegance of this Personalized Pocket Watch with Exposed Gears. Engrave his name, initials, special date, or other custom wording for free, to make this one-of-a-kind gift, timeless.

Grilling groomsmen will love this.

6. Engraved BBQ Grilling Set – Time for a grilling game upgrade

Whether he’s a grill master or still learning how not to burn the brats, our Personalized Grilling Set doesn’t discriminate based on experience manning the grill. This set includes a bamboo case, spatula, fork, and tongs.

THE MAVERICK Personalized Men's Leather Travel Set (Duffle & Dopp)

7. “The Maverick” Travel Set – A most handsome way to travel to the wedding

The Maverick Travel Gift Set gives your groomsmen two stylish pieces that will immediately make traveling easier. The leather duffle and dopp both feature enough room for everything he’ll need on a weekend trip. Available in brown and black, both pieces can be personalized for no additional cost.

Antique Decanter Set - Stamped Design


8. OLD FASHIONED Whiskey Set – It’s what’s inside that counts

Fill this Decanter Set with Two Lowball Glasses with his favorite whiskey to sit and sip on. Personalize the set with his initial for no extra charge and make this a perfect gift for his office, bar, or man cave. Even better, it is dishwasher safe and has a flexible seal stopper to protect what’s inside.

Personalized Silver Pin Stripe Cufflinks & Tie Clip Gift Set (Gift Boxed)

9. Silver Pin Stripe Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set – Gift boxed for that extra touch

There’s no better way to take a formal look to the next level than cufflinks and a tie clip. And this Pin Stripe Cufflink and Tie Clip Set from Etsy can push suit style into the stratosphere. Both items come in a silver finish that’s perfect for any outfit. The set is engraved with three initials and packaged in a sleek black gift box.

The best engraved beer horn for your groomsmen will hold 16oz (2)

10. Horn O’ Plenty – A different way to say “cheers”

Why buy your groomsmen plain old beer mugs when you can get them this Personalized Viking Beer Horn with Wood Stand. The glass horn will hold 16oz. of his favorite brew while fitting comfortably in the wood stand with leather strap. Engrave a name or custom message to each guy on the included brass plate!

Personalized Metallic Gunmetal Beer Mug


11. Gunmetal Beer Mug – Shine bright on the wedding day

Sure you could throw back some cold ones in a plain old beer mug. But where’s the fun in that? This gunmetal coated beer mug provides a look that offers more than your typical glassware. 16oz. of your favorite frosty beverage will fit in side – so the only question is how many times will you be re-filling?

Personalized Men’s Angola & Leather One-Nighter Travel Bag for Groomsmen

12. Angola & Leather One-Nighter Travel Bag – When one night is all you need

The Personalized Angola & Leather Travel Bag is essential for the next weekend getaway or overnight work trip. Compact, stylish, with high-quality Angola construction and vegan leather, this travel bag can fit everything they need while keeping them looking fresh.


Locked and Loaded Groomsmen Gift Set (Sunglasses and Can Cooler)

13. Sun Dazed Gift Set – Sunglasses and Coozies for the fellas

What goes better with matching tuxes than matching shades and can holders? Get your whole crew stylin’ and profilin’ in this affordable groom crew set. Perfect for the big day or for those who partied a little too hard the night before. Choose the quantity and style that’s right for your groomsmen.

Personalized Baseball Bat Handle Bottle Opener

14. Pickoff Bottle Opener – With a unique baseball bat handle

Step up to the plate and knock it out of the park when you gift this Baseball Bat Bottle Opener to your baseball enthusiasts. It’s made of a real baseball bat handle with a sturdy stainless steel opener on top. Customize it with their name and favorite number to make it a statement piece.

Maverick Weekender Duffle Bag in Black

15. Black Weekender Duffle Bag – Dapper Defined

Let’s be honest, most of the guys you know could probably use an upgrade in the duffle bag department. The Maverick Weekender accomplishes this and then some. It’s the perfect size for weekend getaways, business trips or destination weddings. The bag can be beautifully embroidered with your choice of 15 thread colors.

A Beat Block Speaker is unique decor for your den, man cave or bedside table

16. Beat Block Speaker – The Boombox Redefined

Unique speaker. No cords required. Awesome addition to any den, man cave or bedside table. What’s not to love about the Beat Block Speaker? Available in light or dark brown colors. The front (or top) can also be engraved with initials, names or custom text messages. If you have groomsmen who truly appreciate home aesthetics and good music, this is the perfect gift for them!

FOLDIES Classic Wayfarer Style Men's Folding Sunglasses with Personalized Leather Case17. Folding Sunglasses – The Groomsmen Who Fold Together, Stay Together

These aren’t your father’s folding sunglasses. Our custom Folding “Foldies” Sunglasses are the perfect final touch for the fellas wedding day look. The guys will love wearing them for the bachelor party,  photos and wedding day festivities. Take your pick from classic wayfarer, aviator or unique browline styles. The included leather carrying case is laser engraved with each recipient’s initials.


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