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About Us

What is The Man Registry?

TheManRegistry.com is an online resource for a grooms and is the internet leader in wedding tips, advice and gifts for men. The website features a specialized wedding gift registry featuring hundreds of wedding gifts tailored toward grooms, including electronics, barbecue grills and accessories, bar supplies, tools and outdoors gear and items from favorite sports teams. In addition to the wedding registry, the website also offers a wealth of information, how-to articles and resources designed to help successfully guide the millions of grooms who get married each year through every step of the engagement, wedding and honeymoon planning processes. In recent years, we have also expanded to offer bridesmaid gifts and wedding day accessories.

Our Story

Two brothers and their brother-in-law founded TheManRegistry.com in 2008 when they noticed that many of their close friends and family were getting married, but too often were registered for wedding gifts that were strictly geared toward the kitchen and bedroom. Where were the wedding gifts that the groom could get excited about? It was clear that creating a wedding registry tailored to grooms was necessary. Thus, TheManRegistry.com was conceived and built as the place where grooms and brides could register for wedding gifts they could put to use in the backyard, garage, or basement bar.

The Timeline of Awesomeness



  • We showed off some of 2016’s most out-of-the-ordinary groomsmen gifts on Kansas City Live.
  • The Man Registry relaunches with a new, mobile-friendly website designed to serve our customer’s growing needs.


  • Co-founder Chris speaks on the Inside the Minds of Top Wedding Bloggers panel at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. The panel features representatives from The Knot, Lover.ly, Bridal Bar and BeInspired PR.


  • We contributed a piece to the The New York Times on which wedding traditions need to go away.


  • We appeared on the ABC 20/20 special “Wedding Confidential” discussing the groom’s role in the wedding planning process.



  • Quoted in The Wall Street Journal.



  • Featured in NY Daily News on choosing the best man.
  • We’re quoted in Details Magazine
  • Co-founder Jimmy Horner is interviewed on Kansas City’s KMBC TV.
  • LA Times names Chris Easter one of LA’s Top Innovators of 2009
  • We partnered with Save the Ta-Tas to donate a portion from every sale on our site to their foundation.
  • Entrepreneur.com showcases us as experts in marketing to men.
  • The Man Registry teams with The Tyra Banks Show to find America’s biggest “Groomzilla”.


  • Thrillist recommends us as the go-to site for manly gifts.
  • Qualified as a finalist in IdeaBlob’s hunt for the best startup in the country.
  • Co-founder Chris lands our first TV appearance on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.
  • Mashable covers us in The Startup Review.
  • Featured on Entrepreneur.com.
  • Our hometown Kansas City Star gives us our first major write-up. We totally saved the newspaper clipping and put it in our scrapbook.
  • March 15, 2008. A day that will live in infamy: The Man Registry launches as the first wedding registry, blog and groomsman gift provider designed for men, by men. Did we know what we were doing? No. Were we having a great time living the start-up dream? Heck yes! We think ABC News summed up the first iteration of our site quite nicely: ““Grooms-to-be can not only register on the site and pick out the type of gifts they’d want, but also pick up handy tips on how to pick out a tuxedo and numerous pointers on how to saddle up for the big day.”

Welcome to The Man Registry!

Since 2008, we’ve been the go-to site for personalized, unique groomsmen gifts and wedding tips for men. We’re also proud to be the original groom’s gift registry.

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