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Man Showers – Wedding Shower Just for the Groom

Chris Easter

One of the hottest trends in the wedding industry is the growing popularity of man showers. Grooms out there are probably thinking: “Do I even want to know what a man shower is?” Believe it or not, the answer to that question is yes!

You’re surely aware of the traditional bridal showers that your fiancé gets so excited about. You know, the ones that involve lots of giggling women, wedding talk and a plethora of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom gifts. You probably even have planned a couples shower which includes both the bride and the groom – a man shower is totally different. A man shower is a bridal shower on steroids, which typically features man gifts, grilling, drinks and good friends.

The Lowdown

A man shower is an informal gathering of your guy friends in honor of your impending nuptials. This event often accompanies the bachelor party as a day-time event where gifts are exchanged and food such as hot wings and fried foods are consumed. Now, we know this breaks tradition, but weddings are evolving and the groom is becoming more and more involved in the planning and festivities. Keep in mind that the man shower is a very casual event. There’s really only one set rule to abide by: No women allowed!


Most men are registered for at least a few manly wedding gifts. Consider your man shower the perfect opportunity to rake in the loot. Why not? The bride usually has several showers and brings home car loads of gifts, so why can’t the guy have one measly man shower?

Who to Invite

There’s no set standard on the guest list here. Of course, you’ll want to include your close friends. It’s always nice to include male family members and anyone who’s involved with the wedding in any way. Again, keep this list reserved to just the guys.

Where does this glorious event take place?

Man showers can be held anywhere. You can hold them at your home or at the home of the best man or a groomsman. You can also turn the man shower into a man outing by holding the event at another location or doing some sort of activity. Some ideas are:

  • Sporting event
  • Local brewery tour
  • Golfing outing
  • Poker night
  • Put together a flag football or frisbee game

Of course, you’ve gotta eat too. You can’t really beat a grill out at the park complete with all of your favorites.

TMR Recommendation: We highly recommend holding some sort of “man” shower before your wedding. These events often work best as a daytime event before the bachelor party. This way, you can include any younger friends or family in the festivities and still go out at night to party with the big boys.


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    Katlin 7 years ago

    My bridal shower is on the 26th of this month it is a jack and Jill I am trying to come up with some ideas to keep the men busy and having fun it will be an inside outside party, I have an idea of corn hole and horse showers but I am unsure on what else they can do maybe a poker game??

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    Rebecca McKee 4 years ago

    I recently heard abt a man’s bridal shower I need some ideas on how to give the groom a shower ideas abt decorating gifts food thank you for all your advice and help you can reply in a text message to 318-376-5021 or e-mail thank you for all your help


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