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Choosing the Rehearsal Dinner Menu

Chris Easter

While grooms aren’t typically expected to make too many of the culinary decisions associated with weddings, you may be asked for your input or to attend one of the best parts of wedding planning: the food tasting. We highly recommend adjusting your schedule to attend this amazing event that centers on free food samples of all the food choices available for your wedding reception. Because the groom and his family are usually in charge of the rehearsal dinner, you might even want to set up a similar tasting with your venue or caterer.

It’s important to think about not only what kind of foods you and fiancée like, but what your guests will enjoy as well. Some options to consider:

  • Will vegetarian options be necessary?
  • Do any of your guests (especially family or close friends) have any special diets or food allergies that restrict the types of foods they can eat?
  • How many children will be attending? Remember, kids don’t always have the same taste buds as adults.

This is also a great opportunity to think outside of the box when it comes to selecting different foods for the reception and rehearsal dinner. Generally, if you hear the words “burrito bar” or “ice cream cart,” you might think of a fast food restaurant or an amusement park. But when done tastefully, both of these options can be a great addition to your wedding plans.

Some other unique food ideas that will have your guests buzzing for months:

  • Have milk and your favorite cookies available for everyone towards the end of the event. The same goes for milkshakes.
  • Hot wings and/or pizza are always sure to keep your best man and groomsmen happy.
  • Consider using one of your parents’ or the bride’s parents’ secret family recipes. It could be for something as simple as the dessert or as large as the main course.
  • Set up a candy bar, so guests can fill up a bag of sweet treats to take home with them.
  • If you want to keep the dance floor lively until the end of the night, stock the bar with energy drinks and have them distributed to the crowd as they begin to look sluggish.

TMR Recommendation: This is another small part of the wedding day or rehearsal dinner where you can really make a statement. Anytime you can break from the norm, people will appreciate your creativity and personal touch. Even if you focus on something small, such as a unique dessert option, your guests will remember it long after the festivities are over.


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