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Wedding Weekend Activities

Chris Easter

One of the great things about your wedding weekend will be seeing all of your friends and family. Obviously, you’ll probably have a hectic couple of days before the wedding, but it’s always nice to have an event scheduled outside of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception so you can visit with everyone. Here are a few suggestions for activities you can arrange for the weekend of your wedding.

Golf Outing

A golf outing is surely to be a hit amongst your guy friends and relatives. A lot of grooms like to get up early and play a round on the morning of their wedding. It’s also popular to play during the afternoon of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The main thing to remember is that the bigger the group you have, the earlier you should book tee times. We suggest finding a course and booking no later than two months out from the wedding weekend. This may seem ambitious, but if you’re planning on a large group with several foursomes, you need to let the course know as soon as possible. Even if everyone in your group isn’t a scratch golfer, you can make it fun for everyone by playing best ball or by averaging each foursome’s scores.

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Softball Game

Who doesn’t love a game of softball? This is a perfect pre-rehearsal activity. No matter where you’re getting married, there will most likely be a field nearby. It’s a good idea to check with the park or field supervisor to see if you need to reserve the field beforehand. You’ll probably need a minimum of 15 people to have a legitimate game. The great thing about softball is that you don’t have to be super-athletic to play. The game is meant to be more casual than competitive. However, if you can’t stay away from competition, try playing the bride’s side vs. the groom’s side.

Karaoke Night

Believe it or not, karaoke can be a lot of fun. Even if you don’t go anywhere near that microphone, it’s still fun watching Uncle Frank get up there after a couple of drinks. A lot of bars have karaoke night on the weekends, so it usually isn’t too tough to find a venue for a Friday night after the rehearsal dinner. If you get super-lucky, the hotel where your out-of-town guests are staying might even have one. Grooms, take this as a last chance to serenade your bride with a love song before you get married….just kidding.

Other Activities

Some other possibilities for group outings include an afternoon BBQ, bowling, going to a baseball game or local piano bar, organizing a wedding-themed scavenger’s hunt, visiting a local brewery, touring a local monument or historic site, or arranging a simple trivia night. These are just a few suggestions. For more ideas, think of things that you and your fiancé enjoy doing together, and try to incorporate that into the weekend.

TMR Suggestion: If you’re a golfer, you can never go wrong with a round of golf. Getting up early for a round the morning of your wedding can be a rite of passage. And remember guys, it may be your last chance to play for a while.


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