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Wedding Tuxedo Rental Tips

Chris Easter

While things can go wrong on the wedding day, it’s important to understand what you can control and what you can’t. One of the things you can control is ensuring that the groom and wedding party’s tuxedos are ordered and ready in time for the big day. Here are some common questions regarding tux rental. Reading them should ensure you’re fully prepared.

wedding tuxedo rental

When should the groom start looking for a tux or a suit?

Once the bridesmaid’s dresses have been selected, you should start the process of choosing your attire. Up to this point, the colors haven’t yet been chosen, so you’ll need to wait to choose the colors of your vest and tie. As much as you might think the tux colors will drive the whole color scheme for the wedding, that’s most often far from true. This step should usually happen no later than four to six months before the wedding.

Where can I rent a tux or suit?
The best option for locating a tux or suit rental store is to ask your friends and family for recommendation, try an online search, or consult your local phone book. It’s important to be comfortable with the company and their services to make sure they’re adequately equipped to accommodate your requests up to a couple of days before the wedding.

When should the groom and the wedding party get fitted?
If possible, schedule a group fitting for you and the wedding party. No one likes walking into a tux shop to waste 30 minutes of their day. A group fitting allows all of the guys to get to together and of course, to also make fun of the groom. A second fitting can be scheduled, if necessary, but usually those who can’t make the first fitting can stop by any tux shop, have their measurements taken and email them into the local store. Again, this should happen about four to six months before the wedding.

How do I know if everyone in the wedding party has been measured?
A few weeks before the tux shop’s fitting deadline, remind the wedding party that they need to be measured and give them a “fake” deadline that’s a few days before the real deadline to help ensure that any habitually late people will still make the actual deadline. Then, call the tux shop to make sure that they have received everyone’s measurements a few days before the deadline. The shop’s deadline is usually two months before the scheduled pickup; otherwise the shop can’t guarantee that the tuxedos will be available for the wedding date.

When should the groom verify that the tux shop has everything they need?
One month before the wedding, call the Tux shop to verify pickup date, time, and that they have everyone’s deposits.

When should the groom pick up the tux before the wedding?

About two days before the wedding, you and the wedding party will need to pickup your tuxedos (the store will provide you with a pickup date). Remember: It’s very important to try it on to ensure that you’ll have ample time for any necessary alterations or to correct size mix-ups. Check for all of the appropriate pieces and accessories that should be included with your tux, such as a bowtie or regular tie, a cummerbund or vest, cufflinks and shoes. Although it might be funny for your groomsmen, you don’t want to end up looking like the fat guy in a little coat.

TMR Recommendation: Most tuxedo rental shops will give you one free rental for signing your wedding party up. It is common etiquette to give the free rental to your future father-in-law. After all, he has footed the bill for your wedding. Giving him a free tux rental is the least you can do to thank him.

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    art zwilling 2 years ago

    Wedding is in July, looking for information about renting 4 tux, one for groom and 3 others


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