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Scheduling Your Fall Wedding Around Football

Chris Easter

We all love the traditions of autumn: bonfires, football, tailgating, and weddings. Yes, you read that correctly — weddings. We know it’s a tough pill for a lot of guys to swallow, but fall weddings are a very popular choice for brides. And can you blame them? It’s one of the best times of the year to be outside. Twenty-seven percent of weddings take place in September, October, and November. So, if you’re reading this, there’s a solid chance you’ll be taking your vows as your favorite team is taking the field. But don’t worry – there’s no cause for concern. Here are some tips for making your fall wedding as football fan-friendly as possible.

Smart Scheduling

Depending on how far out you book your ceremony and reception times, try to plan accordingly if your favorite team is playing. For example, the majority of college and pro football games take place during the day, so if you schedule an evening wedding, you can probably catch the majority of the game. A lot of guys like to get ready for the big day with their groomsmen early in the wedding day. What’s a better way to spend that time than watching your favorite team together? A quick reminder: The college season starts in late August and runs through January, while the pro games start in early September, culminating with the Super Bowl in early February.

Themed Wedding

Do you and your bride spend every Saturday in the fall watching your alma mater’s sporting events? Will your home be decorated from floor to ceiling with memorabilia of your favorite squad? Are Saturdays considered a religious day in your family? If you answered yes to these questions, why should your wedding day be any different than any other fall Saturday? Anything from the groom’s and groomsmen’s ties, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the flowers can be selected in a color that represents your favorite team. Another popular option is a secondary or “groom’s cake” that can be crafted in the shape of your favorite team’s logo.

Sneak a Peek

See if you can arrange a TV to be placed at the bar or somewhere at the reception site. Just remember to tread lightly – we don’t recommend abandoning your groom duties and watching the game during the reception. That said, a few quick glances during the party probably won’t hurt anyone. If your fiancée won’t go for it, remind her that a lot of your male guests will appreciate the gesture as well. Another option is to ask your DJ or band to periodically update the score if they have access to the Internet.

TMR Recommendation: Remember that the wedding isn’t about football. It’s about you and your wife celebrating the start of your married life together. However, if all parties agree, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to incorporate some football flavor into the festivities. Just be sure to check with your fiancée first. You don’t want to start out your marriage in the doghouse.


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