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Honeymoon Destinations: Cruise Ship 101

Chris Easter

If you’re a travel aficionado and don’t want to see just one locale during the honeymoon, a cruise ship may be just what you’re looking for. Cruise ships offer the best of both worlds— a resort-like atmosphere on board and several different destinations to explore on shore.

Don’t know much about cruising? Don’t worry. Here’s a starter’s guide on what you’ll need to know when making your honeymoon destination decision.

The Lowdown

By choosing a cruise ship, you’re really opening up your honeymoon possibilities. Typically, a cruise will feature stops at a different island or locale each day. At night, you’ll have entertainment and dining onboard.


Cruise ships are historically cheaper than staying at a resort. When you book with a major line, you’re typically paying for your room and food. Unless you find a rare deal, drinks aren’t included. Depending on your budget, you can find cruises that last anywhere from five days to five weeks. By booking a typical six night cruise with a regular stateroom at one of the major cruise lines, you’re looking at an average price tag of $3,400.

TMR Recommendation: If there’s a little extra in your honeymoon budget, we highly recommend booking a stateroom with a balcony. The views out at sea are worth the extra cash – especially if it’s your first cruise.

Cruise Ship Dining

If you know anyone who’s been on a cruise, you’ve likely heard them raving about the food. They’re not kidding. Cruise ship dining is the real deal. You’ll enjoy a wide range of cuisines ranging from steaks to seafood to pasta. It might also be your only chance to taste some true international flavors (cruise lines employ chefs from all corners of the world). For our summary of cruise ship dining, click here.

If you enjoy a nice, stiff drink there will be no shortage of liquor, beer, and wine on board. For better or worse, the cruise lines find every possible way to put a drink in your hand. When planning your budget, we recommend planning on a $300-$400 bar tab for the couple during the trip.

Entertainment on board

With the size of today’s ships, you may struggle to see and do all that the ship has to offer. There are countless daily activities on a cruise ship. Each night, a different show is featured with world class singers, dancers, comedians, or other entertainers. Don’t feel up to a show? We’re sure you’ll find something to keep you occupied with the bars, casinos, nightclubs, and movie theaters onboard. As for your wife..something tells us she’ll find her way to the shops or the spa. Athletic? Many of today’s cruise ships offer a full gym, rock climbing wall, basketball and volleyball courts, putt putt courses, or even a full golf or surfing simulator.

In addition, each day will feature a full schedule of unique activities to help keep you busy. Some of these may include a dodge ball tournament, bingo games, belly flop contests, and possibly even a party for all of the newlyweds onboard. For our sample schedule of daily cruise activities, click here

Popular Cruise Destinations

  • Caribbean
  • Hawaiian
  • Pacific
  • European
  • Australian
  • Alaskan

TMR Recommendation: If you decide to go the cruise route, be sure to let the booking agent know it’s a honeymoon. There just might be something special waiting in your room for you when you arrive.

TMR Bonus Recommendation: Research the travel insurance policies of the cruise lines and be aware of Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June 1st through November 30th.


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