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Groom’s Guide to the Bride’s Wedding Day Gift

Chris Easter

The wedding day is finally almost here. You’ve made it this far, now just be sure to finish strong by getting your beautiful bride a wedding present. Although it may seem like you’ve already purchased a ton of gifts from the parents to the groomsmen, this one is important. So take some time to really think about this one. If you make the right choice, you can almost guarantee that you won’t end up in the doghouse for at least the first few months of marriage. After that, you’re on your own, of course.

When it comes to gifts for the bride, there are many different options, from traditional to sentimental to functional. One of the more traditional items that grooms give their bride is jewelry — especially a pair of diamond earrings to accompany her engagement ring. If you do your research, you should be able to find a nice pair of diamond earrings without busting the bank. If diamonds aren’t the answer, a nice set of pearl earrings, necklace, or bracelet may be in store.

If you prefer to steer clear of jewelry there are plenty of other gift options out there. For example, something sentimental might be nice. Think about something that means a lot to your bride, whether it’s family, a favorite pet, or a special memory that you both shared together. You could have a sentimental picture of family or a pet taken and framed, or if you already have a picture in mind, spend some time thinking about how to incorporate it into a very nice frame. If you’re short on cash, another option is to write her an emotional or meaningful note from the heart. Feeling more adventurous? You could even take the plunge and write your own wedding vows for the ceremony. You could also opt to get your bride something she can use — especially something that might come in handy on the honeymoon, such as a digital camera or camcorder.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your bride would truly enjoy. Remember that the wedding day will likely be chaotic and over in a flash, so make time during the day to take your bride aside and give her that special gift. She’ll never forget it.

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Make sure to really think about your bride and what she might like. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with something that’s functional and can be used during the honeymoon. That way, every time she uses her present, she’ll be reminded of what a perfect husband you are. Good Luck!

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    Charlie 6 years ago

    I gave my wife a Dreamlines sketch of her dress. I needed the help of her wedding party, as they had seen her in the dress. They forwarded the photos to the artist. The first time I saw the sketch was with my wife. It was a great treat for us both.


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