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6 Creative Ways to Ask Your Main Men to Be Your Groomsmen

Kimberly Easter groomsmen in black suits

You popped the question and she said yes. The two of you take a big breath together, and the planning begins.

Next up: Popping the groomsman question to your chosen friends and/or family. Sure, it’s not quite as earth-shattering as the question to your future bride, but it’s still one worth serious consideration and perhaps even some creativity. Here are 6 creative ways to ask groomsmen.

  1. “Will You Be My Groomsman?” Whiskey Label

If you and your future groomsmen are whiskey-loving men, this is both appropriate and fun. The personalized labels, which sport  a “Will you be my groomsman?” message, fit onto bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. It’s tough to imagine a better way to celebrate than with a toast and a good ole fashioned shot. To top it off, continue the whiskey theme on the big day by gifting your groomsmen mini whiskey barrels, so they can create their own custom whiskey blends using Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or their poison of choice.

jack daniels wedding whiskey labels

  photo credit – etsy

  1. Cufflinks

Although gifting at this stage of the game is not a necessity, it can be a nice gesture to help show your appreciation. Popping the question with Best Man, Groomsman and Usher cufflinks helps seal the deal in a classy and thoughtful way. Your pals can then wear their designated cufflinks on the big day, looking sharp and uniform.

best man cufflinks for groomsmen

  1. “Will You Be My Groomsman?” Card

If you’re a man of few words, this mini card (or one like it) is a thoughtful and personal, yet still wonderfully simple way of popping the groomsman question. Giving a card makes the statement that having your buddy stand by your side means the world to you, while also keeping it casual and comfortable.

will you be my groomsman personal card

photo credit – etsy

  1. A Professional Shave

An afternoon of pampering isn’t just for the ladies. Taking your future groomsmen out for a professional shave makes for a relaxing day for your soon to be “well-groomed” groomsmen. Your buddies will appreciate the gesture, and it will help get the wedding planning off to a refreshing start.

groomsman receiving a clean shave

  1. A Good Old Fashioned Beer

Let’s be honest, you just can’t go wrong with taking your future groomsman out for a drink at your favorite watering hole. If you and your buddy spend a good amount of time together hanging at a bar, it makes perfect sense to pop the question at a place that has sentimental value to your relationship.

two friends enjoying a beer together

  1. Hobby It Up

Do you and your future groomsman have a shared hobby such as golfing, fishing or video gaming? Keeping it simple and asking your pal to be your groomsman while the two of you are on the golf course or at a baseball game is a great approach. Consider buying him a hot dog and a beer, and then pop the question upon delivery. Or perhaps ask him to be your groomsman after a day of ultimate Frisbee. Most importantly, pick an activity that represents a solid aspect of your relationship to show your future groomsman you value his friendship.

ultimate frisbee player diving for frisbee

There are ultimately many, many ways to ask your main men to become your groomsmen. Getting creative should be fun and personal. Make sure to give the idea some serious thought beforehand, so your future groomsmen know you truly appreciate their support. After all, the wedding day is also a time to celebrate the closest friendships in your life.


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