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Wedding Pranks: Get the Groom

Chris Easter

Your best bud is getting married. It would only be fair to have a little fun with him before he leaves his bachelorhood behind. Here are a few examples of popular wedding pranks that the best man could organize to be played on the groom (assuming he has it coming, of course).

The Extra Small Tux

A few weeks before the wedding, arrange to borrow a tux that’s a few sizes too small for the groom. Most tux shops will know exactly what you’re planning, and will let you borrow a tux for the day at no cost.

Typically on the wedding day, the groom and groomsmen will all get dressed in the same place. Your job is to swap out the groom’s real tux with the extra small version when he isn’t looking. When he goes to get dressed, you can sit back and enjoy the show! Let him panic for awhile before you reveal the joke. If there’s a videographer hired for the wedding, this would definitely be a moment you’d want to capture on video. Of course, a funny t-shirt always suffices if you can’t swing the extra tuxedo.

The Ring Pop

This prank can be executed during the rehearsal. It’s the Best Man’s job to carry the bride’s wedding band on the day of the wedding (you probably know this by now). During the rehearsal, when it comes time to practice the handover of the ring, hand the groom a Ring Pop instead. While this isn’t as mean as the previous prank, this one is sure to draw some laughs or a round of applause from the spectators at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Another common deviation of this prank is to hand the groom an extra large fake diamond engagement ring.

“Help Me”

Alright guys, we’re warning you about this one — it definitely crosses the line. This prank will only work if the groom and bride kneel at the altar. On the day of the wedding, get a hold of the groom’s shoes. On the left heel, place a piece of tape on the bottom and write the word “help” in dark magic marker. Do the same thing on the right shoe, but use the word “me.” If done properly, every guest in the chapel will be able to read “Help Me” on the groom’s shoes as he kneels. We know it’s cruel. That’s why we truly only recommend playing this joke at the rehearsal. Anything else would be uncivilized.

TMR Recommendation: Our favorite groom prank is the extra small tux. It gives you an opportunity to play a prank on your best friend behind closed doors. You and your fellow groomsmen can have a nice little laugh and then get on to the serious business — supporting your buddy as he takes his vows.


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