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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Wedding Plans

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Once you’ve popped the question and basked in the glow of your engagement, reality begins to creep in. It’s time to start planning! Feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to begin? Here are five ways grooms can help tackle the wedding plans.

Use your imagination

Visualize your wedding day. What does it look like? What would you and your fiancée like to see and do on your big day? Jot down some of the elements you’d like to incorporate, such as playing golf with the dads and groomsmen on the morning of the wedding, taking a moment alone to see your bride for the first time in her gown, dancing to a live band, or enjoying a whiskey tasting bar at the reception.

Do your homework

At first, write down (or start a Pinterest board to house) anything and everything you’d want to include in your wedding day if you had an unlimited budget. Nothing is off limits at this stage. Then do a little research by perusing websites, blogs, magazines or books for more inspiration. This is a great way to discover ideas you might not have even thought of and would love to incorporate.

Focus on what’s most important

Next, work on refining things a bit. If your ideas are all over the map, try focusing on areas where things can be expanded upon to develop a theme or more cohesive plan. Then think about those elements that are absolute must-haves for each of you. Write down the top three areas that are most important to you and then compare them to your fiancée’s top picks. If they don’t match, it’s time to work on an important marriage lesson: the art of the compromise.

Let your budget be your guide

Sometimes the easiest way to settle a dilemma is to consider the options available within your budget. While you want your big day to be as special and amazing as possible, don’t lose sight of what’s truly important: celebrating the two of you. Making your grand entrance at your reception via yacht pales in comparison to being able to afford focusing on each other and enjoying the day with friends and family. The rest of the details are just icing on the cake.

Work as a team

The to-do list can quickly become a bit daunting. Decide what tasks you can tackle to help divide and conquer. Not sure where to start? Begin with your top wedding must-haves, such as arranging your wedding transportation, hiring the band, securing the food truck for your late-night snack and finding awesome groomsmen gifts, and then work on ticking those off your list first.

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What other wedding planning tips have you found helpful? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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    Jasmine H 7 years ago

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for sharing ideas from a mans persepctive. Often times men are left completely out of the wedding planning process so this was definitely a refreshing sight!


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