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How to Calm a Fear of Flying Before the Honeymoon

Jimmy Horner bride and groom conquering a fear of flying before the honeymoon

Although more Americans travel by air than ever before, many people still experience some degree of stress or anxiety due to a fear of flying. Sound familiar? Don’t let your phobia affect your honeymoon plans. Here are some tips gleaned from airline pilots to help you overcome some of the most common flying fears.

FEAR: Plane crashes happen all the time.

FACT: Flying is actually the safest form of public transportation in the world. Statistically, car accidents are much more likely than (often more widely publicized) plane crashes.

FEAR: There’s always turbulence on flights.

FACT: Turbulence is no different than hitting an unexpected pothole in the road while driving. You’ll feel a bump, but there are no dramatic, 100-foot drops like you often see in movies.

FEAR: Planes always fly through bad weather.

FACT: Pilots don’t like rough rides any more than passengers do. They take great care to fly around thunderstorms by at least 20 miles to give everyone the safest and smoothest ride possible.

FEAR: Lightning strikes will bring down a plane.

FACT: Airplanes are designed to withstand lightning strikes, which very rarely cause any damage.

FEAR: You’re not in control when you fly.

FACT: Keep in mind that the entire crew is highly trained and regularly tested to provide the safest possible flight.

FEAR: You’ll be too anxious to relax.

FACT: There are a few ways to ease your nerves. Getting lost in a book or listening to your favorite music may help distract you. Some people have a drink either beforehand or while on board to help take the edge off. Just make sure to stick to a two-drink maximum or you could run the risk of being deemed too inebriated to fly. Others swear by prescription anxiety medication. Hypnotists may also be able to help you overcome your fear of flight.

FEAR: You’ll be crammed in an airplane like a sardine with complete strangers.

FACT: While you will be in close quarters with people you don’t know, take the opportunity to meet new people around you and get recommendations about things to do when you reach your destination from those who’ve been there. Who knows, a stranger could even end up becoming one of your best friends or business partners.

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