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Groom’s Guide to Dealing with Bridezilla

Chris Easter

As you know, The Man Registry is all about including the groom in the wedding planning process. Because of that, we think that most major wedding related decisions should include the groom’s input. But we should warn you that most women look at the wedding process a little differently than men….  In the months before your wedding, you may start to notice your fiancée getting frustrated over what you perceive to be “minor” wedding details. Trust us, to brides, there are no “minor” wedding details. As the big day approaches, your bride-to-be’s wedding planning frustration may turn into a fiery rage directed at renegade wedding vendors, uncooperative bridesmaids, pushy mothers, or, of course, you (the groom).

Meet Bridezilla

Now don’t panic and immediately consider having your bride-to-be committed to an insane asylum. This type of behavior is perfectly normal and common — there’s even a TV show about it. Face it; wedding planning can be very stressful. She wants everything to go perfectly on the biggest day of your lives. So you can’t really blame her for freaking out about a bridesmaid dress not being available in midnight blue, the band being down one member or not being able to find the perfect napkins to match the flowers on the wedding day.

You might be thinking that things are really getting out of hand. While that may be true, the best thing you can do when your lovely bride-to-be becomes Bridezilla is to be supportive and try to get her mind off wedding planning, even just for a night. Here are a few suggestions:

Surprise her with a homemade dinner

Tell her that dinner is at 7 pm and to come hungry. You don’t have to go all out with lobster and filet mignon, but a nice fish or chicken dish (as long as she’s not vegetarian) with vegetables and a side salad generally goes over well. Not only are you making her a nice dinner, but it also isn’t full of carbs and red meat (our preference), which may make her feel stuffed and thus worried about being able to fit into her wedding dress.

Have a movie night

The movie shouldn’t be wedding related or even a chick flick. Pick something with a lot of bombs and explosions going off. Think James Bond or Jack Bauer. Or, go with a classic comedy that never gets old. Nothing takes your mind off of your worries better than a great movie and some popcorn.

Be the “yes” man for the night

The answer to every question she asks should be “yes, dear.” If she wants a foot rub, do it. If she wants you to run to the grocery store for her, go. We know, it isn’t always easy saying yes, but if you succeed, she may be the one saying yes or rewarding you for your good behavior later.

TMR Recommendation: Guys, it isn’t easy dealing with Bridezilla. If wedding talk can’t be avoided, swallow your pride and just pretend to care a lot about what color the ribbons will be. Who knows, you may just become the first Groomzilla.


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