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The Groom’s Cake: A Wedding Essential


One of the more popular wedding trends has become adding a groom’s cake to the festivities. That’s right, grooms — a cake just for you. The groom and his family usually provide this cake. While it isn’t a necessity, a groom’s cake can often be a nice complement to the wedding cake or even serve as a dessert for the rehearsal dinner.

The groom’s cake usually represents an integral part of the groom’s life. If you’re a pilot, your groom’s cake might be an airplane. If you’re into fishing, a cake with your favorite type of fish might be nice. The great thing about the groom’s cake is that it’s all about the groom.

Some popular themes for the groom’s cake include:

  • Sports teams logos or mascots
  • Hobbies (golf, fishing, hunting, boating)
  • Line of work (police, firefighter, military)
  • College alma mater
  • Hometown

The groom’s cake is commonly placed at a table near the wedding cake at the reception. However, you want to be careful not to steal the spotlight from the actual wedding cake. Even though you’re getting your own cake, guys, don’t forget that this is a secondary cake.

Another option is to have the groom’s cake served as dessert at the rehearsal dinner. This often makes sense to the groom and his family because they’re often already paying for this event. It could even turn out to be a less expensive alternative to your caterer’s dessert options.

TMR Recommendation: If it’s in the budget, go for the groom’s cake. If you’re serving it at the wedding reception, use a different flavor than the wedding cake to give your guests another option.


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