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Grooms Showers: Stock the Bar Shower

Bob Horner

this article is part of The Man Registry’s series on groom and couples showers.

Looking for a wedding shower that both the groom and bride can get excited about? Look no further than the bar shower. Whether the engaged couple already has a bar in their home, plan to have one or simply enjoy entertaining guests, a bar shower is a great way to include the groom and other guys in the pre-wedding festivities.

This is a great shower for groomsmen or friends of the groom to organize. First, think about the types of bar gifts the shower should include. For example, is the shower being thrown to help stock the couple’s bar with barware (such as wine, beer, martini, margarita, brandy or champagne glasses), utensils and accessories (such as wine and beer bottle openers, wine racks, jiggers, martini shakers or drink recipe books) or liquor only? We recommend including all of the above.

Next, think about the invitations. Make sure to include the theme of the shower someplace on the invitation, so guests will know what kind of gifts are appropriate. If guests will be bringing liquor, you may even want to call the guests that have accepted ahead of time to let them know what type of liquor to bring. Otherwise, the couple may end up with seven bottles of scotch. While this may not be a problem for some couples, others may prefer a slightly more diversified bar. If the gifts will include other bar items, it’s helpful if the couple has already registered for some options.

What about guests? This type of shower easily lends itself to the wedding party and friends of the couple, but can also include close family members and extended relatives. This type of shower is usually held during evening hours, so refreshments can include drinks and hors d’oeuvres rather than a full meal.

TMR Recommendation: What could be better than a shower that brings together friends, good liquor and plenty of bar gifts? Not only is this a great way to stock the couple’s bar, it’s also a great opportunity for some of the couple’s friends who don’t already know each other to meet in a fun, relaxed atmosphere before the wedding.


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