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Groom 101

How to Pop the Question

Chris Easter

Men: if you’re reading this, you’re most likely ready to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. And because you’re taking the time to research, it means you want to make it as special and original as possible. How you pop the question can really set the tone for the engagement and the marriage. We know it can be a nerve-wracking experience planning it all. Trust us — we’ve been there. The key is to remember to stay calm and confident.

Now, we won’t tell you exactly how to propose. That wouldn’t really be in keeping with our originality theme. However, here’s some helpful advice that will help slow your heart rate.

Add some bling

We understand that times are tough and that rings are expensive. However, if it all possible, have some sort of ring with you when you pop the big question. Even if it’s just a temporary cheapie, a loner or a family heirloom ring — have something!

Make it original

There’s nothing wrong with asking her to be your wife over a simple dinner. But why stop there? You’re asking her to be your wife — show her why she should spend the rest of her life with you. (Surely, she already knows why, but going the extra mile may earn you a get-out-of-jail-free card the next time your poker night runs late.)

Try to incorporate aspects of your relationship into the event. Something as simple as taking her to the location of your first date is sure to impress her much more than a simple date to Red Lobster (apologies to those who had their first date at Red Lobster — great choice by the way and great crab legs!). There’s also no reason to keep things just to an evening. Try planning a day’s worth of events culminating with your proposal.

Some activities for your engagement day might include: setting up a spa day for her (think manicure/pedicure or massage), going to a sporting event, taking her shopping for a dress to wear that evening, going on a hot air balloon ride, taking a picnic or going on a hiking trip. Remember, include activities that are special to her or your relationship.

Get down on one knee

Just do it! You don’t want to know what the backlash will be if you don’t. So don’t even mess around with the idea.

Get the family involved

We know that this day is about you and your girl. But including both families, if possible, is a very nice gesture. If you’re planning something elaborate, they may even be able to help you with part of the plans.
Another idea that’ sure to be a hit: After she’s said yes, surprise her with a get-together with her closest friends and family. This is a great way to cap off a very big day.

Still nervous?

Relax. Go grab a beer and think about this: She wouldn’t have put up with you this long if she didn’t know you were the one. Whatever way you ask her will be perfect. Be confident and remember, You Da Man!

TMR Recommendation: If planning an engagement night party, consider inviting or flying in some of your fiancée-to-be’s closest out-of- town friends. We know she’ll have had a day full of surprises, but imagine if her best friend who lives across the country could be there to help her celebrate the occasion? You’re sure to be looking at some major brownie points, not to mention tears of joy.


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